Soft body and Magic/Object fiel daemons

Discussion about softbody / cloth simulation in Realflow 4
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Soft body and Magic/Object fiel daemons

Post by Marlene » Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:54 pm

I'm working on a scene were a leaf is moving because some water is falling on it. I'm using a solid soft body for the leaf and it's working quite well until now but to make it look even better I'm trying to get the leaf to go back to it's original shape.

I read in another topic to key the stifness, but it's losing the interest of the simulation soi I'm try to find another way before keying the stifness.

What I've been trying to use, is the object field or the magic daemon to attract the particles of my soft body to a copy of the mesh at the original shape. But apparently, it does not work with soft bodies, or did I miss something ?

If anyone as another idea I open to any suggestion, I've been using real flow for only a few weeks !!



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