Newbie Question : height maps.....

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Newbie Question : height maps.....

Post by dapple » Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:06 pm

I'm checking out the demo of realflow for evaluation purposes, and can't seem to find an answer in the help files - or maybe it's just convoluted.

Anyway, What I want to do is is set up a fractal real wave, then export a loopable tileable animation (say 16-24 frames) of the wave for use in a real time application.

I found the color plane daemon, but cant get it to export a greyscale - it just comes out single color - no height.

I've noticed scripts that will import height field animation, but I would like to export from realwave.

Anyway - any help , or ideas to accomplish this would be appreciated.


edit: oops i guess this should be in realfow 4 forum :)


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