Mesh troubles rendering...

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Mesh troubles rendering...

Post by MagicToaster » Mon Apr 22, 2019 1:48 pm

Hi, I'm just a beginer on realflow, im working directly on Realflow for Cinema 4D R19.
Well guys I'm having some troubles rendering my scene, the thing is that i've created a real scale scene, and then the same scene with a bigger scale just for the simulation. When I was satisfied with my simulation i merged both of them, then i scaled the mesh so it fits the glass and it seems to work fine, on Cinema 4D environment and on the octane live viewer.
But when I try to render the scene this happends:

Thanks and sorry for my english writting skills.

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Re: Mesh troubles rendering...

Post by ChristianZ » Wed Apr 24, 2019 10:05 am


well, that is a rather dramatic effect :shock:

Unfortunately, I don't use Octane with RFC4D (but redshift and a couple of other render engines).

Does it only happen with Octane or also with the built-in physical render engine? Is it happening only when you change the scale? So, it may be a bug in the translation of the mesh to the Octane engine and needs to be reported either at the maker of the Octane plugin or Nextlimit.
RF10.5 standard + RFC4D3, Mac&Windows

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