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Best Foam settings for a HY river? Suggestions?

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:13 pm
by rich0550a1
Hi all

long river very long big sim, rapid moving water, not too many obstacles.

So far I have been trying:
100,000 emission
45 to 90 degree angle threshold
2 speed threshold
1.0 stringyness

and 30 min life and 30 max life maybe this is too many seconds long or is it frames?

so far the river looks like someone dumped soap in it, the foam pulls way down the river, also no foam some areas too much others.

what would be good starting settings?

edit sorry, also i did not see the need to generate foam from splashes since I don't really see them splashes being created except on the river banks. i just have the foam being made from the domain does this make sense also?