Realflow Pouring Water HELP

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Realflow Pouring Water HELP

Postby lopni238 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:08 pm

Hi, I'm a RealFlow noob and I tried to simulate a pouring water sim but I didn't succeed :(
hope someone will help me or create a tutorial :)


Heres what I tried to mimic and failed hard ...
I used Gravity Deamon - 9.8
Surface_Tentsion - 9.0 strength
K_Isolated - 0.01 sec

In the object parameters -
DY Friction 0.6
DY Bounce 0.9
DY Sticky 0.75
DY Roughness 0.1
Cell size 0.06
Dyverso Liquid-SPH with min substeps of 10 and max of 200

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Re: Realflow Pouring Water HELP

Postby ChristianZ » Sat Mar 31, 2018 1:40 pm

I think you have accidentally chosen a rather difficult project as one of your first projects with RealFlow :)
It looks so easy in real life, but is challenging for simulation software, especially because of the moving container. At least one of the first problem you have already successfully mastered, it seems, which is potential leaking from the glass. The small cell size of the object helps for that.
Your parameters look good to me, only the "DY Bounce" I would set=0
Maybe increase the drag daemon.
The final solution for me for similar project was: making everything super slow motion in the 3D-software, then export to RF, then simulation. That was almost the only way to have the liquid react in a natural way. Like here for a falling paper cup with coffee:
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Re: Realflow Pouring Water HELP

Postby Forester » Sat Mar 31, 2018 11:15 pm

lopi238, could you tell us what your geometry size is? That is, is it set to 1.00?

I think you should be able to make this simulation with most of the default parameters for water. That is, without messing around with the Surface Tension or Friction or Sticky.

Usually when the particles explode like that it is because the sub-steps are wacky. But, in this case, it may be that your basic geometry is too small and you have not correctly parented the water emitter for the upper glass to the glass object.

But your pouring motions look good.

Unfortunately, I am in the middle of a commercial project, so I can't generate an entire tutorial. But if you would post the other specifications, such as your Geometry size setting, and maybe just made a pic of one of your glasses in the Viewport with the grid on. (So that we could get an estimate of your glass size relative to the Realflow grid size). We could suggest something useful. Also, what exactly are your sub-step values set at?????
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