Filled object animation - Release part of the fluid

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Filled object animation - Release part of the fluid

Post by angel_airlines » Tue Mar 27, 2018 10:14 am

Im trying to make a filled object release part of the fluid itself from the interior of the solid is filling.
I imported a geometry and this geometry again with a rotation animation... I use the first SD geometry for the Diverso fill emitter to create the fluid shape and the second SD animated geometry to act as a Shell volume so it drags the fluid.
I have manage to make this but what I'd like to achive is that some fluid is released from the main body while it rotates...

Ive trried changing the surface offset on both SD geometries (the one that fills and the one that is animated and transport the particles) decreasing subteps, and changing the collision distance.. but I can't find a way so the particles travels but some of them are released and them I can get some tendrils conected to the main fluid using surface tension and sheeter domains.

Can you help me with an approach or workflow to achive this result.


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