What the best workflow to do this?

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What the best workflow to do this?

Postby Splitting_Atoms » Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:07 am

Hi guys,

So im very new to realflow.. I just know the basics.
Im trying to optimize my workflow between Realflow and Blender.

What im trying to do is create a animated scene in Blender of an ocean, with a stone pedestral in the centre of it, which has a statue on it. (its for a product video). So the pedestal is static, not floating or something.

So what i thought was.. :
- make the ocean in Reaflow, and export the animation as a mesh with the alembic export method.
- import the mesh in to Blender and work with it from there (add material etc)

my question is.. what is the best way to create the pedestal? If i make a mesh in blender and just put it in the ocean.. it doesnt really react with the water.. So im thinking.. is there any way to create my pedestal mesh in Blender, and use this in Realflow to put it in the ocean and make the ocean interact with the pedestal. And then export the mesh with alembic export en import it into Blender again...

Is that the best way to do this? I just want the meshes from Realflow..becuase I want to do the materials and lighting and stuff in Blender itself..

And..as a very simple follow up question.. Ive been trying to put an object in an ocean in Realflow.. but it keeps floating on the water.. (i have changed mass settings). How do I get the object to be completely static in the water, like a rock formation?


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