Making splash mesh naturally in Hybrido

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Making splash mesh naturally in Hybrido

Postby jyh126 » Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:34 am

Hi guys,

I'm testing river scene using Hybrido but I can't find a way to build the mesh looks real.



(Polygon size : 0.02, Particle radius : 0.03, Global filter : Thinning - 0.4)

I want to decrease my particle radius but when I decrease it, it looks weird.

I decrease Cell size in Domain to 0.2, and there are 3.9 million particles and I thought particles' quantity is enough.

How can I make a mesh naturally, looks real river,

Please help me :(

Thank you!!

*To thankful people who reply to my question recently

I want to share my final output but my client didn't upload a video yet.

I will show you my first work using RF

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