Alembic Stitch Crashes

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Re: Alembic Stitch Crashes

Post by Evoconian » Fri Jun 29, 2018 11:26 pm

SherbetKing wrote:Understanding that I sound like a noob here: how do I use that batch script? I got as far as copying the code into notepad, saving as a .bat file, changing the file paths to match mine, but when I run it (by just double clicking the file), nothing happens? I feel like I'm definitely missing something, but it's probably something obvious?

To clarify, I'm stitching together 500 frames at a time into files named,, etc., then pointing the second file path to the first prestitched abc, and adjusting the last file path to the desired output location and filename.
It's no problem! If you go to the upper left corner of the "Single View" window in Realflow and then click on the single box icon, which is directly to the left of the quad box icon, you'll see a list of different screens pop up.

Click on the option that says "Batch Script".

From there, copy and paste the script (Customized to your path).

Finally, click the button on the top left side that reads "Script" which will give a menu of options. Click on "Run" and wait for it to process.

That should be everything, let me know if anything else happens.
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