RF10 dyverso fill question

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RF10 dyverso fill question

Postby Danakinobi » Wed May 31, 2017 7:40 am


I have a Canal, boat, 2 water objects. One water is the container the other is the fill object.

I'm using the Dyverso solver to fill my container with water.

Do I start my intial simulation of the water, with the boat in the water? Or should I have the boat, just above the water and let gravity pull it down?

So far I have my boat just above the water, so after it is initially filled... On my next simulation run, I plan to have the boat just drop into the water. I am assuming that this is how it supposed to work.

The problem I have is that the boat, as soon as it hits the water, either gets ejected from the water, like a rocket. or simply hits the bottom of the container. Adjusting the mass either makes it too heavy or too light and it becomes a projectile.

So I'm wondering if it matters if the boat is down in the water when I initially fill or if it should be above.

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