Shatter glass using an animated character from maya

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Shatter glass using an animated character from maya

Postby No_Thor » Mon Oct 05, 2015 6:14 am


I'm new to realflow and currently working on a project that have an animated character that jumps trough a window.

I exported the character as an .SD file and imported it in realflow, I then imported the window and frame that should shatter as separated .OBJ files.
After shattering the glass I added an passive rigid body to the frame, and an active rigid body to the glass.

But when I try to make the character collide with the glass it won't react to it.

The character would go strait trough without it colliding, or the character would stand still and not follow it's animation.

I tried out both passive and active rigid body and also tried to use it as an cache file (I would give me an error file not found.)

Any Idea how to solve it?

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