Meshing Driving me crazy need some advise thanks!

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Meshing Driving me crazy need some advise thanks!

Postby rich1111 » Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:37 pm

Seems most tutorials quit before meshing.

I have hybriddo scene, .1 cell size, and density 1000. everything default.

When I mesh its not detailed enough. If i pull the mesh down to .01 polygone size i get individual tiny drops, I put radius to 1.7x polygone size ( being i read that somewhere) still not good. Also even with larger polygone size .02-.04 still the mesh is not very smooth.

I played around with relaxation it helps a bit like, .5
tension doesnt do anything it seems?
thinning helps somewhat...

also the mesh is massive another thing trying to deal with.

Can anyone advise on some decent hybriddo setting for a large wave scene?

Thanks R

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