Octane render error of VDB mesh sequence

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Octane render error of VDB mesh sequence

Post by fformfform » Tue Sep 07, 2021 9:28 pm

Here's my workflow
1. Dyverso particle sim > ParticleMeshVDB > Alembic
2. Stich sequence into single alembic file
3. Import to Octane Studio as a scene node

I can see the VDB mesh for frames 1 - 12 and then it disappears. The Octane log then shows
"Invalid mesh: color1 index out of range (12170/12170 at offset 72422)"

What is driving this color1? Under the display tab on the particle mesh I see a section for maxwell render; does that have anything to do with the export?

To further complicate this, if I load in a frame after frame 12 as a static (non stitched alembic) it loads fine. It seems like when I stitch the color is getting set to some value that's out of bounds.

Any ideas? Here's the alembic sequence if you want to try in octane https://we.tl/t-XcwDVt8BI4

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Re: Octane render error of VDB mesh sequence

Post by ChristianZ » Wed Sep 08, 2021 10:38 am

I don't have Octane Studio so I cannot comment on that, but otherwise the abc-sequence seems to be ok. I was able to load it into Cinema4D and all the 300 frames were imported and can be played in the timeline. Maybe you could try to first load and then re-export the alembic sequence from another 3D application?
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