How do I submit a work for the contest?

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How do I submit a work for the contest?

Postby zistambus » Wed Nov 05, 2008 12:55 pm

Sorry to be a pain,
But should the machine be a stupid machine doing something incredibly stupid... I was thinking of something which is more lke an instrument....or a pirticular kind of fluid.
a fluid doing some work... But fluid isnt part of a mechanical instrument termed as is that a bad idea?
And what would be judged in this? The render quality fr sure...and the idea also???

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How do I submit a work for the contest?

Postby shaun_michael » Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:55 pm

Its a machine that performs a very simple task in a completely over-engineered and complicated way. You can use realflow in any way you choose, but you'll be judged on how you employ realflow to help you complete this task. If only one element of your machine contains a dynamic event, driven by RF, then you're less likely to tick the required boxes for both the voters on the forum, or the judges who will whittle down the final result.

Look at the Honda ad for example (Rube Goldberg Honda Commercial) and you'll see a very complicated machine, performing many tasks that are, or certainly seem to be dynamically driven, simply to press the button on a car remote remote control.

Take the explanation we've given for example...
There's nothing quite like watching a cuckoo clock set off a bowling ball that rolls into a pie pan which lifts up some guy's pants before he gets arrested for exposure-again

This you could do almost exclusively with realflow.

Perhaps we should make it clearer in the explanaition exactly what's required of you. We deliberately didnt say use "exclusively" the tools within realflow, so one can assume that some keyframed animation is acceptable, but you need to show where and how you've employed realflow dynamics, be they rigid body or fluid or whatever, and the more the merrier.

Does that help?


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How do I submit a work for the contest?

Postby katisss » Wed Nov 05, 2008 3:23 pm

You can also drive yor machine by fluids. No need for physical realism.

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