export custom bin data

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export custom bin data

Postby ashishdantu » Tue Sep 25, 2007 6:18 am

hi ranxerox,

i've been looking at ur script export_custom_normal.rfs and i have been wanting to write my own python script, which can read pdc files and write out RF particle bin files, which can be read by RF through bin loader.. this is to avoid using the PDC importer which ships with RF (just to save time by converting data to bin files directly, without RF having to read, construct particles, and write bin files)

what i have noticed is that your script does its job perfectly but that these bin files can be imported only by maya ? not by binloaders in RF ?? are you writing any specific data which makes it not importable by RF ?

I have made an emitter, used your script to export out bin files and then i tried to load the same bin sequence in RF using bin loader, RF hangs...

Pls guide me on what has to be done, to make these bin files loadable by RF..

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