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Postby hmsabry » Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:28 pm

Hi there .. :)

This script will enable you to parent objects in realflow just like Maya,
you select group of objects then shift select an object “which you want it to become parent -root- of those objects”

With this script:

1) you can select all objects + Shift select the root then run this script and it will connect them all to this root.
2) you have the choice to change the parent from the script window.
3) you have the option to just unlink all selected objects by choosing >>>> clear all connection <<<< as parent.
4) you can override all previous linking by choosing “force re-rooting to this parent” option.
5) the script will check the hierarchy before linking if there is direct indirect linking error.
6) it will warn you with the objects which has linking error so you can fix them manually.
7) you have the choice to enable disable information window which appear after linking, but all information you can find it always in the messages window with all the details.

How it works

*Select Parent:
You will find that its already selecting the last object you selected in the scene to make it parent, But you can select another parent object from this drop down list.

*Force re-rooting to this parent
By default it’s (NO), this option if you made it (YES) it will clear all the linking in the selected objects (including the parent) before it connects the nodes.
If its (NO) the script will keep in mind the error of doing direct or indirect loop of parenting and it will warn you without connecting any object.

*Would you like to see output window..??
This option by default is (YES), it means that after every time you run the script it will give you feedback to tell you who has been linked to whom..??.
If you made it (NO) it will never show the feedback again “unless you changed again”, But certainly if you have an error a pop up message will tell you whats wrong.
The nice thing about this option its global variable which means it will save your option.

Hazem M. Sabry
VFX Artist

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