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object containment script

Postby ranxerox » Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:11 pm

hey all, I've been using this script for ages now, and I've decided to release it. it's a batch script and an events script which when used together will allow you to delete parts of you sim as a post process. Let's say you have a sim which took 4000 hours to simulate, and the director doesn't like one little drop somewhere. Create a second project and a binary loader which points to your sim. Create a low res poly sphere (or two) which encloses the particles in the binary loader which you want to remove. Now create 2 circle emitters with emission speed set to 0. Select the binary loader, plus the containment objects, Run the batch script "batch_pickledump_multiobjcontainment.rfs". This writes out a file which contains the particle ids of the particles inside of your objects. Now install the events script "events_unpickle_particleids_double.rfs", reset your scene, activate the events script and disable viewer updates (alt-d). press play to play through your scene frame range (NOT SIMULATE !). once complete, disable the events script and save your scene. Update the timeline cache to view the results of your post process.

available on the nextlimit scripting page as 'object containment'.



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