Stacks And Towers

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Stacks And Towers

Postby tsn » Fri Oct 27, 2006 11:02 am

I made a little python script to generate various types of stacks and towers automatically. It?s a batch script and it?s free to use. You can build towers very fast for using them with rigid body dynamics.

The script including an icon and a short manual can be downloaded here:

Some issues with the last version are fixed now, so please update your current script.
1. An axis check is performed now. Non-C4D users will have a correct arrangement of the tower.

2. With the last version the bodies disappeard after hitting "Reset". This happened because the Null transformer was set to position 0,0,0. Now the the position is slightly different from 0,0,0, and now the elements remain within the scene. I hope to find a better solution soon ; - )

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Stacks And Towers

Postby brandony » Sat Oct 28, 2006 12:51 am

cool thanks im sure this will be a great start pointing for alot of beginner scripters!
im just getting knee deep in to a extensive script my self :)
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