Scene scale and gravity

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Scene scale and gravity

Post by WorzelGummidge » Sun May 12, 2013 12:05 am


I have a scene where I have to increase the scene scale due to some small objects.

I was wondering whether this method is an ok way to go about adjusting the gravity (or global daemon scale).

I need to use a scene scale of 7.

I had the following idea:

I made a cube and emitted onto it.

Using a scene scale of 1, it took 22 frames for the particles to collide with the cube.

I changed the scale to 7 and found that the particles collided with the cube after 22 frames with a global daemon scale of 4.8500.

Is this a good method for getting the same gravity effect? In my mind it seems quite a good solution but I'm barking mad so not sure.


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Re: Scene scale and gravity

Post by Oldcode » Sun May 12, 2013 1:50 am

I generally don't adjust the demon scales when I adjust the scene scales, and I don't notice much difference, and I'm working on a series of shots with the scene scale at 25 and I've not changed the demon or gravity scale at all.

The thing to remember is don't get caught up on the numbers withe scale. Keep adjusting it until you get the effect you want. Real Flow is not completely accurate in its simulations, so get it to look good and don't worry about the rest. :D
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