Does Uncompressible Fluid is possible ?

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Does Uncompressible Fluid is possible ?

Postby tdugard » Fri Feb 10, 2012 6:16 pm

Hi everyone,

i'm making a shot where a bottle is filled with fluid. The bottle is animated and the shot is in slowmotion.

So i ended doing the simulation at 600fps using SD file between max and realflow.
I filled the bottle with an emitter and gravity, let the particles relax and bake the initial state.

Everything ok till there.

When i start the simulation, collisions work well but the fluid start to be compressed. I've seen in older version of realflow a compression parameter that seems to have disapeared in next versions (from what i've read too).

Water in life is an uncompressing fluid, so how to achieve this kind of behavior ? (i've raised pressure the fluid started to be uncompressible but the simulation goes wrong, the particules motion started to be physically incorrect - motion look bad-).

Thanks for your advices.


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