Different Meshes, 1 Domain

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Different Meshes, 1 Domain

Postby icerust » Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:25 pm

What I want to do.. is have 2 kinds of fluids in a single Hybrido domain.

What's not working... is if I mesh the fluid using standard mesh, it meshes out all fluids in the emitter. Is there a way to set the mesh node to only build particles that are emitted from a specified emitter?

My workaround that fails... is to simulate and build the mesh of my "actor" fluids separately and use that mesh to collide with the fluids. I tried exporting it as .bin and importing it in Maya but its not as simple as deleting the history. Is there a way to convert the .bin to geometry that can be re-exported to Realflow? Or, there's no need to do this because I can use the mesh in Realflow to interact with Hybrido particles?

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