Liquids Interacting

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Liquids Interacting

Postby dmarques » Fri Jun 03, 2011 9:50 pm

Hello ...

So the client has dropped a grenade on my lap saying they now want the two liquids being poured down to actually collide in midair and mix.

The problem is the scene is already rendered, so the position and everything else can't change. Now I am fighting DSplines to somehow direct the liquids at each other and it takes forever to simulate even at 1 resolution. Just trying to make the liquid pour into a not so ridiculous trajectory is already a mission...

My question(s) is(r):

-How high does the reso have to be to actually have these two interact well?
-How to keep the two liquids from exploding really violently when colliding (the only time I got them to collide it wasnt pretty) without affecting their trajectory and speed?!
-Any reference to tutorials or vids of two watery liquids colliding at that angle and mixing successfully?

I set it up as dumb particles going through a DSpline which aims the liquids to a certain collision path. Now they are liquid particles and should interact in a massive way...

RESO - 1
DENSITY - 1000
SPEED - 10
V/H RAND - 1

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