Help needed making a water stream

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Help needed making a water stream

Post by DaveW » Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:12 am

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to produce an effect similar to the effect seen in the realflow reel 2009 2009 at 3:16. The final effect is aimed to be a small stream of suspended water moving through a car park.

The way I tried to do it is by using a mesh generated in Max that is roughly the shape I want the water to be, flip the normals so it's like a tube and force fluid particles down it. Then I would use an object field so the particles are 'floating' within the tube, rather than just filling it. My scene looked like this:

The problem is that the object field doesn't seem to be doing that much, and the particles often hit against the walls of the tube and bounce back, which then breaks the simulation.

I've thought about using crowdflow but can't get it to work. I've animated a small box in Max, imported it, it and set up the crowdflow settings like this:

But all that seems to happen is this:

I'd really appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions on how to achieve this effect. I'm moderately skilled with RealFlow but this has completely stumped me.

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Help needed making a water stream

Post by IoSim » Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:43 am


Let me see if I can do a walkthrough of the parameters, that need attention.

The first 8 parameters are social forces that you can apply and that will influence how the particles react to one another, This also works when following a path.
The "Speed" parameters can be used, but if the Speed Strength is set to zero then the particles will adapt to the local speed the object generating the path.
As a start I would set Observation distance Particles to zero.

Observation Distance Objects. This value needs to be large enough for the particles to "see" the path. They will only connect with the path within this distance.
Field of View : If lower than 180 it will limit the space in which the particle can detect the path.

Path Follower Strength: Must be larger than zero otherwise no path follow force will be applied and the particles will not follow the path.
Path connect Radius: Specifies the distance from the path where the particles will start following the path rather than just approaching it.
Path Escape Radius. If a particle, that follows the path happens to be pushed further away than this distance it will "escape" and loose its connection with that path.

4. Avoidance Follower Strength: If no objects are to be considered in the path I would suggest setting this to zero to avoid the evaluation of obstacles.

So the important things are to make sure the particles actually detect the path, by adjusting those parameters.
Also press the sccurve button in the Object parameters to generate the path.

-Cheers Ole
Ole Lemming
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Help needed making a water stream

Post by ricardosalgado » Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:30 pm

In 3d max you will need to animate the object using "Path Constraint" under animation menu, if you use the "PathDeform (WSM)" modifiers method RealFlow won't get the animation when you hit the SD Curve button. I spent the whole night to discover that nuance.


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