Animation isn't stored

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Animation isn't stored

Postby ig » Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:05 am


I'm trying to push object (box) from background plane with wave (Hybrido emitter). Everything looks fine during simulation, but when I scrub timeline to the begininig or playback - no animation is left :( Pushed away box is lying in it's final postion. Tried to store initial state of the box at frame zero, but after reseting simulation (to the initial state), box also is lying in final phase. So, how can I record all animation ?

P.S. I want to enchance pushed away box animation (not only sliding on surface when mass of water pushes it away, but also add some rolling). Any suggestions on that ?


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Animation isn't stored

Postby sweeds » Mon Mar 28, 2011 4:42 pm

Firstly, under your rigid body Node panel check to see that the simulation is set to Active. Then, make sure you go to Export > Export Central and check under the objects drop down menu. The .sa animation will record data for objects, or you can record animation data individually for each object. Then while scrubbing through your simulation, you should see the object's animated path.

One way to make you're object to get less of a slide but also some roll is change the @Rotation W in one coordinate direction. This can be found under the Rigid Body Panel. Setting this to a value above 0 when the object collides with your particles will rotate the object.

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