How does the algrithm work?

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How does the algrithm work?

Postby TriKri » Thu Dec 27, 2007 7:51 pm


I have for some years ago written i simple program which simulates air turbulence in a 2d envirotnment, by using a 2d-grid, actually one 2d array for the dencity and two for the air velocity in the "walls" between the cells. But this technique cannot be applied to water since the material that's being simulated is allowed to compress (change dencity).

I saw the realflow engine and now I wonder how it works. How does it simulate water so that it won't compress, or does actually water compress slightly (I mean, else the speed of sound in water would have been infinite, right)? Does it use moving particles? Cause I have seen that you can do simulations with particles somehow.

Thanks in advance!

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