Soap Bubble Burst

Discussion about fluid simulation in Realflow 4
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Soap Bubble Burst

Postby scubedio » Mon Sep 12, 2011 11:52 am

Hi bluehonda...

Its littlebit confussing....can u explain a little more in detail..... and one more... can u post that video?????

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Soap Bubble Burst

Postby bluehonda » Tue Sep 13, 2011 9:33 am

In other words. I couldn't get the same look as ,bitSeq's, sim. so its like i modeled the Bubble every frame of its Popping animation, using poly booleans and noise deformers. . Even a slow motion of a bubble popping only takes a few frames. so it was really not that hard to model or generate the meshes per frame. When i had the initial models per frame. I just created extra splashes/ droplets.

of course, creating it purely in RF sim would be great. I just couldn't get it. But will continue studying that workflow.

And one thing about bubbles is its "Thin". 1 faced/sided poly. Hope im explaining well. if we generate a mesh with RF bubble pop sim. we get 2 face sides. i mean, its like you have thickness. and if rendered with bubble shader it will look like glass that is thick. as to just 1 sided face. hard to explain that one.

so its a cheat. i wouldn't say that its perfect. but it worked for the shot.

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