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Necessary Tutorials and Documentation

Post by Polyguy » Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:16 pm

Hello community!

There are a few things that frustrate the heck out of me...

Why has no one put together a comprehensive tutorial on making a simple water drop fall into a body of water and create a crown. There is one tutorial that talks bout the use of the crown, but it has several issues...firstly, it doesn't incorporate a drop of water...just the crown, this is half the simulation in my mind. Also, try to find a tutorial on creating a simple drop of water? There are none. Odd.

Also, why is it so hard to find a tutorial on making a body of water that doesn't fall into itself every time I hit simulation? I also looked into 'initial state', and there are no clear tutorials on it never works for me.

Every tutorial I've watched is always incomplete feeling. Leaving necessary info out.

I apologize for my frustration, but I've spent two days trying to get a drop of water to create a crown...I can only do one of the other but not both. The BIGGEST headache is that the water flops up and down over and over for 100 frames before it settles, messing up my placement and timing of everything, and creating an initial state never works...

Any suggestions?

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