Linux layout unrecognize and crazy camera

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Linux layout unrecognize and crazy camera

Postby Marlene » Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:20 am

I'm running realflow 5 on Fedora 14 with KDE and I'm having different issues with the keyboard layout and the mouse. I'm pretty new to Linux so I might have missed something obvious, pardon me for that !

First the layout; I'm working on an azerty keyboard (Fr layout) but when I'm working in any graphic related software, I switch the layout to a qwerty keyboard (US layout) as it's easier for the shortcuts. But it seems realflow doesn't really like. It still respond to the azerty keys. Not really important as I'll probably learn to use the fr layout but it's a tiny bit annoying. Any ideas ?

Second problem that might be hardware related, the mouse. Everytime I click the middle mouse button to pan the camera, it scrolls at the same time. I'm having the same problem in Maya but I disabled the scrolling so it's kind of fixed. As anyone got the same problem ? I can't seem to find any configuration issues or anything. I tried to googled my mouse model but nothing return of any particular value. Again, ideas ?

And last but not least, the camera. I can live with the other two problems but that one is really annoying. When I import an object that is not at the origin, I center selected the camera, when I start panning and rotating around, the point of interest of the camera seems to be going wild. And that is reallly really annoying. Any ideas where it's coming from ?

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Re: Linux layout unrecognize and crazy camera

Postby JohnnyBob » Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:20 am

In Windows and in Linux I've noticed that if you have a Logitech mouse that is, it is a 2 stage Middle Mouse Button. My Mouse is a G5 Laser wired USB, if I press lightly to get the first click then I can pan as if I were inside Maya,Cinema 4D, Or 3Ds MAX but if I press hard enough to hit the secondary click in the wheel, it scrolls in. There is another fix for this issue in Maya but unfortunately no option like that exist in RealFlow.

I hope this helps some people. ~Johnny~

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Fix for Windows 10

Postby JohnnyBob » Sat Feb 06, 2016 6:24 pm

What works in Windows 10 is to install Logitech's SetPoint software, assign the MMB left/right scroller to unassigned on both. Then click "Restore Defaults". This did the trick for Me and Im pretty happy about it, :D Feeling Groovy 8-) This is if You have a Logitech Mouse only, if your mouse is from a different Manufacturer try installing their software and see if that gets ya a step in the right direction ~JohnnyBob~ 8-)

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