senseless thing a fluidrobot can do

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senseless thing a fluidrobot can do

Postby djart » Sun Dec 31, 2006 2:03 pm

hello rf members.

this projekt i am working on is called, "senseless things a fluidrobot can do".
its a animation about an fluidrobot who paints an objekt.

the animation itself makes no sense.

here is a preview about the splash seq...

and a picture about the final look.

the fluidmesh is from rf3 and then rendert in c4d.
the fluidrobot is still in design progress so i dont have pictures from that.

it will look like a car paint gun with paint cans, mounted on an industrie robot.
the cans will be replaced from another robot if there are empty.
the robot itself is coverd with cables which will move and shake around.
these cables contain fluid also.

greets and dont drink and drive tonight ;-) dieter

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senseless thing a fluidrobot can do

Postby shaun_michael » Sun Dec 31, 2006 2:32 pm

An interesting little project, good luck with it. One question though. Wouldn't an industrial robot designed for painting things spray the paint, rather than drown the object in paint?

Not driving tonight, so, many drinks to be had :P

Happy new year.


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