RF3013: Hybrido RFRK and Max 2014 Mental Ray Workflow?

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RF3013: Hybrido RFRK and Max 2014 Mental Ray Workflow?

Postby fip » Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:15 pm

I've been with Realflow since R3, and have worked with precalculated meshes for Hybrido in RF2012, but have never gotten my head around RFRK. In the months before 2013 arrived I tried digging in but kept hitting the license manager issue w/o realizing it.

So now I am deep into a RF 2013 project, produced a nice sim, and am hoping/expecting to be able to translate these particles into realistically rendered sea water. I've saved out the hybrido domain sim as RPC files and each of the foam and splash sims as BIN files. So far, the only toolset I have been able to find that imports all three at once is the Rf3Mesher Object. (I've done this by importing all 3 sequences under the Add Sequence particle files section.) But I want to be sure I am even working within the correct RFRK module. I suspect I am not because I realize that there is no way to assign separate materials to each of the water, foam, and splash sequences. Having reviewed Luis's Hybrido1 video, I see that assigning material in the earlier RFRK was not necessarily an intuitive process. I have tried to find analog settings, buttons, etc within the RFRK tools to what luis describes in the vid but have so far come up short.

Am I on the right track? Can anyone briefly outline the file formats, RFRK toolset, and steps one should take for bringing a Hybrido2 sequence into 3dsMAX Mental Ray scene setup? I have looked over the Manual. But as others have already pointed out, these sections are descriptions rather than explainations of how they can and might be used. Thanks in advance for any light any of you might be able to shed!

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Re: RF3013: Hybrido RFRK and Max 2014 Mental Ray Workflow?

Postby s525 » Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:48 am


I think it would be better if you just import them to 3ds max as separate rfrk objects. So you'd be able to art direct different shaders. You can use RFRK HybridoMesh to bring in your
rpc files and use the other rfrk tools for your splash and foam. Using rfrk HybridoMesh tool will enable you to tweak the same way as you would in realflow, since they have the same parameters.


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