Tips, need to know:

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Tips, need to know:

Postby TinuZ » Sat Aug 15, 2009 12:17 pm


I'd like to share some tips with you, we are working on linux 64 bit, maya 2008 64bit, and ofc realflow, rfrk 1.0 and RMS 1.0

following is all in Maya:

-when creating a rfrk object it will ONLY ask if you want a preview emitter in the scene when the plugin is loaded.

Offsetting BIN's:

-first of all, if you want your BIN to begin LATER you need an NEGATIVE offset BUT this is only on the RFRK loader, when you use the normal BIN loaders you need a POSITIVE offset.

probably this is why there is the following bug:
-there is a bug in the script that syncs offsets between RFRK object (mesher or particler) and the preview emitter, So let's say you put an offset of -25 on the RFRK object. the preview emitter also gets an negative offset but will begin EARLIER causing a 50 frame difference between your scene and your render.
We fixed this by editing the script that is used for the syncing, if you guys want I'll dig in my memory to see what we did exactly.

that's it for now...


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Tips, need to know:

Postby tmdag » Sat Aug 15, 2009 5:56 pm

big thanks for this info!
If You could tell us what did You change in script it would be useful for many users
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Tips, need to know:

Postby TinuZ » Sat Aug 15, 2009 8:41 pm

k here it goes:(EDIT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! TinuZ is not responsible for weird fluid rendering... blablabla....make a backup!!! :biggrin:)

in maya type this to find the location of the script that is called when you change the offset on your rfrk object:

whatIs rfrtRmsSyncPreviewEmitter;

// Result: Mel procedure found in: /usr/data/maitre-d/linux/pixar/RenderMan_Studio-1.0.2-Maya2008/scripts/rfrtRmsPatchAE.mel //

in this script find the following procedure and change in the line that begins with int $offset = 1 to -1, that's it!!

I've reported this to nextlimit but never got a response but I think they'll change it somewhere along the line and ofc their busy with rf5 woohoo!!

global proc rfrtRmsSyncPreviewEmitter(string $shapeName)


string $parentList[] = `listRelatives -parent $shapeName`;

string $children[] = `listRelatives -children $parentList[0]`;

string $emitterName = "";

for($childIdx = 0; $childIdx < size($children); ++$childIdx)


if(`nodeType $children[$childIdx]` == "RealflowEmitter")


$emitterName = $children[$childIdx];




if($emitterName == "")


int $numSeqInShader = `getAttr -s ($shapeName + ".rfrtRmsFiles")`;

int $neededSeq = 0;

for($i = 0; $i < $numSeqInShader; ++$i)


int $type = `getAttr ($shapeName + ".rfrtRmsFiles[ + $i + ].rfrtRmsFileType")`;

if($type != 0)


int $offset = -1*(`getAttr ($shapeName + ".rfrtRmsFiles[ + $i + ].rfrtRmsOffset")`);

string $pathAndPrefix = `getAttr ($shapeName + ".rfrtRmsFiles[ + $i + ].rfrtRmsPathAndPrefix")`;

string $dir = dirname($pathAndPrefix);

string $prefix = basename($pathAndPrefix, "");

setAttr -type "string" ($emitterName + ".Paths[ + $neededSeq + ]") $dir;

setAttr -type "string" ($emitterName + ".Prefixes[ + $neededSeq + ]") $prefix;

setAttr ($emitterName + ".Offsets[ + $neededSeq + ]") $offset;

$neededSeq += 1;


setAttr -type "string" ($emitterName + ".Paths[ + $neededSeq + ]") "";


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