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Using RFRK channels with MR for maya.

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 6:50 pm
by smbell
I'm trying to use the rfrk with MR for maya in 2015. I'm trying to shade my mesh using the velocity and vorticity information, but I'm stuck trying to get it connected to a shader.

The help documentation says to create a rfrk4_ texture_magnitude node, but that doesn't exist in my installation of rfrk.

There is a rfrk_texture_channels node, which I can create and see the outputs for velocity and vorticity, but I'm trying to figure out how to get those world space xyz channels hooked up to something usable in a MR shader...

Can anyone give my some pointers please? I'm really happy with realflow so far, but when it gets to the integration with maya and MR, it's a mystery box. There is very little information out there, most of it is years old.


Re: Using RFRK channels with MR for maya.

Posted: Wed May 25, 2016 11:27 pm
by QuentinR
Hi there, i'm currently having the same struggle, and the "doc" for RFRK is not helping a bit...

Have you found a way to make it work ?

Re: Using RFRK channels with MR for maya.

Posted: Thu May 26, 2016 4:49 pm
by QuentinR
For anyone having the same trouble, i have found a "Duct tape Technic"

Get the rfrk_texture_channel5 node, connect the ouVelocity value to a Luminance node > Luminance value, then luminance>outvalue to a remapValue and voila !

(Well, you are gonna have fun with setting the remap value, but hey, it's a start...)