RenderFoam in Vray for max

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RenderFoam in Vray for max

Post by jumax » Sat Dec 30, 2017 5:36 pm


I am trying to import a hyrbido sim to 3ds max to render in Vray. I normally have acess to Kraktoa and Frost and I use that which works great. But this this time i just have the renderkit and I am having problem understanding the workflow. For the main body of the ocean I have exported a bin sequence of the mesh so thats fine no issues there. But for the foam and splashes I am having difficulty.

I would just like to render the particles as spheres. I dont want to go the pflow route as that will be painfully slow. I have the latest version of the renderkit installed and using version 3.4 of vray.

If someone could share their workflow that would be greatly appreciated.

The links to the help about the renderkit on the website seem to be down at moment as well.


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