RealWave and Rigid Body Help Please??? :|

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RealWave and Rigid Body Help Please??? :|

Postby Cabbs » Thu Jul 03, 2014 11:35 am

Hi everyone :)

I'v been having a problem with moving a rigid body object across a realwave surface.
I am animating a ship moving across a real wave but all the tutorials I have found dont show the following...

The surface is quite stormy, large swells. I therefor need the ship to "float" using rigid body dynamics. Animating it without rigid bodies from point A to B wont help as it will end up going underwater passing through the large swells.

I have made my ship a rigid body and with gravity it drops down and floats nicely on top of the surface over the swells but here is my problem, it just floats.

Can someone tell me how to animate this guy from point A to point B while being a rigid body please?

I have tried to parent it to a null etc and animating the null with no luck.

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