Large Ocean with Rock Island

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Large Ocean with Rock Island

Postby lofo » Fri May 31, 2013 7:40 am

Hi there,

I need to build a large ocean scene with horizon and an island with cliffs in the middle. I can get nice waves out of realwave but unfortunately no splashes and white wash on the rocks and the island as realwave doesn't seem to interact with statical objects. Thus I have been looking into Hybrido. I understand that you can get the same waves with displacement in hybrido but how do I get the waves to interact with the Island. All tutorials I have seen create emitters that emit water into the main body of water in one direction which creates a bigger wave and then you put the displacement on top. That makes sense in most scenes but not in mine as the Island would only get splashes on one side but needs it all around. How would I go about setting up this scene?

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