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RFRK Cloud in Lightwave

Postby Borgu » Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:37 pm

Anybody had any luck getting Mist to render using RFRK in Lightwave? I simulated the Hybrido Waterfall example that came with RealFlow. I can import the resulting fluid mesh and the splash / foam particles fine and they appear and render.

I can import the mist particles too using the Cloud tab in the RFRK window. When I do that it adds a Mist object, but no display in the viewport. In object properties it adds a 'RFRK Cloud Display' to the Geometry tab, it adds a 'RealFlow Renderkit Cloud' to the Deform tab and under Volumetrics it adds a 'RFRK Cloud Volumetric'. When I hit render nothing appears.

I tried a bunch of different settings, Hypervoxels etc. (When I hypervoxel it adds one particle at the origin, but that's it).

I imported the same particles into Houdini using RFRK and the mist is renderable (although I can't render it with the meshes, but that's another story. Having a hard time trying to find one 3D app where I can render everything from RealFlow...)

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