Realwave import&render

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Realwave import&render

Postby ChristianZ » Sun Sep 24, 2006 2:04 pm

Hi !

I had the impression from earlier discussion on other discussion groups, that realwave and RF3 was not very popular among RF-users or at least in combination with Cinema4D.
Frequent crashes and difficulties in rendering naturalistic waves were reported, and there is also another plugin for Cinema4D available (add-the-sea from motiongimmick) which comes already with foam shaders and example scenes (no particles however).

This is one of my 'better' examples of using realwave, but there are still problems with rendering particles, waterline going inside the boat and so on:

Are there C4D users around who did someting similar with more success ?
RF10.5 standard + RFC4D3, Mac&Windows

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