Hybrido Displacement and infinite ocean!!!

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Hybrido Displacement and infinite ocean!!!

Postby Mikkelm2 » Fri Dec 12, 2014 10:15 am

I'm working on a hybrido project where an infinite ocean is needed, since we're going to see the horizon.

I've tried meshing with displacement added in the mesh and using mesh extension in realflow 2014, but it's really time consuming meshing with displacement, and the mesh extension flickers on my last 2 tests using it.
I haven't tried applying the displacement map in render time yet, but from what i've read cinema4D can't load image sequences into the bump/normal channel... Has anyone found a work around?

Instead of meshing the whole ocean with mesh extension, i want to add the same displacement from my hybrido simulation to a large plane in cinema 4D, and then composite those two renders in after effects.
Can someone with more experience in this, point me in the right direction of this workflow? :roll:

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