A request...

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A request...

Postby fitz301 » Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:26 pm

Hi all,

I'm working on RF importer/exporter plugin for Carrara and I'm trying to understand the inner workings of the various file formats, currently I'm focusing on the .sd format so hopefully I can at least get a workable plugin going.

So my request is would any of you mind creating a simple scene in one of the various software packages that's able to export to RF (LW, 3DS, Maya, etc) with nothing but maybe one or two primitives (plane, cube, etc.) in it and posting the resulting *.sd files for me to download so I can examine them and get a better understanding of how the different plugins handle exporting to RF? If there a bit of animation involved, all the better.

I only have access to RF4, so if the exported files were meant for an earlier or later version of RF, please specify which version of RF and which platform the file(s) were exported from in the filename.

Any help will be appreciated.



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