Realwave "tearing" apart?

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Realwave "tearing" apart?

Post by alexgk » Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:23 pm

Hi all,

I wasn't sure which forum to put this in, but having some Realwave problems. I haven't used this in ages, and warming up and what I thought was starting easy-ish.

I have an object I'd like to interact with a realwave. I tried a quick setup of a RW sphere, realwave, and RW_splash. Works great. So I brought in my actual object I'd like to have interacting from Maya. Well any primitive I set it too (even the basics like sphere) when the object hits the realwave, the realwave acts differently. Now where the object hits, it's like the wave grows outwards but is deleting the wave, or removing particles or something.

I'm sure I'm missing something, but not sure what. At first I thought it was because I tried with the actual mesh primitive, and thought "ok too high res" or something. But even as a sphere or cube it does this now.


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Realwave "tearing" apart?

Post by shaun_michael » Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:02 pm

There are a number of posts on this subject, pretty much all of which determine that it's something to do with the integrity of your model. Give it a good look over in your modelling package and ensure there's no duplicated polys or points etc.



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