Waterblast plugin

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Waterblast plugin

Postby IoSim » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:10 pm

Hi All

RealFlow 5 WaterBlast Plugin for Windows 64 bit.
Mac and Linux version will follow shortly or by request.

The plugin can Blast standard particles into space and offers numerous parameters for tweaking the effect

Updated for version 1.1:
Demo videos : Youtube Playlist

Download links for Demo scenes and tutorials are available in the Manual.

Key features for version 1.2:

Directional Blast
Omni directional blast
Angular falloff
Time falloff and limit
Scalable power and range
Individual trigger of blasts.
Animatable blast locations
Blasts locations by null objects or particles
Parameter scaling by velocity
New in 1.2 : Blast direction by Object
New in 1.2 : Random blast direction pr. frame
New in 1.2 : No Blast core Size. (Ring shape blasts)

The plugin can be found here: Click me

-Cheers Ole
Ole Lemming
RealFlow plugin developer
IoSim, Creative Thinking Lab

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