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Important info about IoSim plugins

Postby IoSim » Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:55 pm

The following info was sent out in the newsletter today :

Due to the added complexity of supporting the new Dyverso solver, there will be a new price structure for the plugins when the first patch for RF2015 is released with plugin support for Dyverso.

Its however possible to preorder the plugins with Dyverso support until the patch is released. After the release date the new price structure will be activated.

All plugins with Dyverso support will be assigned the version number 4, so if you preorder, make sure to order version 4.
The preorder will automatically send a download link for the current version.
And a link for version 4 will be send as soon as its available.

After the release of the patch all previous version of the plugins will be removed from the shop.


IoWaterBlast, IoMelt and IoMultiEmitter
Current price : 149 €
New Price : 179 €
Current Upgrade : 40 €
New upgrade : 80 €

Preorder options:
Price : 149 €
Upgrade : 60 €

Current price : 129 €
New Price : 159 €
Current Upgrade : 35 €
New upgrade : 80 €

Preorder options:
Price : 129 €
Upgrade : 60 €

Current price : 109 €
New Price : 129 €
Current Upgrade :
New upgrade : 60 €

Preorder options:
Price : 109 €
Upgrade : 40 €

IoTrailing, and IoInheritVelocity will not be upgraded to support Dyverso, unless there is a strong demand for it.
IoWiggle is not particle based so it will just be upgraded to also work on the Dyverso domain and emitter parameters.

Thanks all

As an example :
Was 149 Euro and will be 179 Euro after the 1. RF2015 patch is released by NextLimit
The upgrading between versions was 40 Euro and will be 80 euro after the release

You can preorder for 149 Euro (New purchase) or upgrade for 60 euro until the release.

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions / comments.

-Cheers Ole
Ole Lemming
RealFlow plugin developer
IoSim, Creative Thinking Lab

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