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bebe More : Showcase

Postby IoSim » Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:04 pm

IoSim recently had the opportunity and great pleasure of working with OPTIX, Hamburg on a new commercial for bebe More:

We did the last splash, where the wave comes in from the left and reaches a high local splash where the wave hits the product, but without having the splash covering the text on the front of the product.
A combination of QuantumForce, IoNoise and localized IoDrag daemons where used for controlling the splash.
While our own "sheeter" like daemon and the right fluid parameters made sure it looked like water.

IoSim did the simulation and meshing in RF2014, while OPTIX added the flowers onto the mesh in Maya and did the rendering .

-Cheers Ole
Ole Lemming
RealFlow plugin developer
IoSim, Creative Thinking Lab

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