Splash with RF3

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Splash with RF3

Postby Didifrance » Tue Apr 17, 2007 10:50 pm

Hi, I need to create a splash (very similar to the one in the tutorial for rf4 http://mos.futurenet.com/pdf/3dworld/TDW85_t_realflow.pdf)

It should be easy except that I have only Rf3.

Is anyone could point me to a tutorial or a download of examples for a splash Rf3?

Thanks a lot, it's kind of an emergency.


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Splash with RF3

Postby tsn » Wed Apr 18, 2007 7:27 am

AFAIK there´s no free RF3-based splash tutorial available. There´ve been several short guidelines on the old NL forum site. Maybe somebody´s out there having these tuts stored on his/her local computer.

A commercial product is availavle though from Digital Tutors. They cover the whole process of making a splash:

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