Foam help please.

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Foam help please.

Post by rich0550a1 » Thu Feb 14, 2019 7:55 pm

I have tried a bunch of options want to do without additional 3rd party plugins... Like Krakatoa

- out as abc file turns out be too large and also does not display as particles.
- in realflow birth as pflow, the 5 million foam particle is too slow to load

Best would be to render as VDB as a vray voxel volume grid. But how to convert from Bin to VBD? Impossible correct?

- How about meshing the foam too large of a mesh right? too much detail?

How about realflow for 3dsmax can it do what the renderkit did?

- render foam maps? this is camera specific correct? I need to re-simulate everything just for those camera specific textures? and then just use those in after effects? But this does not take into account occulusion correct?

What other options exist to do this? Been studying this but no progress.

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Re: Foam help please.

Post by Forester » Fri Feb 22, 2019 3:31 pm

Here again, it would be helpful to provide much more information about your objectives, and your basic scene construction.

This is a very difficult set of questions to provide answers for because not enough information about the basics of the problem is provided.

Sorry about this.......... ;)

But one of your questions, about the MAX plugin version of Realflow, I think I can answer. I'm guessing that your are using Hybrido for your current simulation of a river. The Realflow plugin for MAX is confined to Dyverso, I believe. It is for MAYA, and as nearly as I can tell, the MAX version of the plugin also is a special version of the Dyverso sim engine.

Depending upon your scene objectives, the MAX plugin might be good enough for your purposes. I've been able to construct a decent, reasonably large waterfall within MAY, using the Maya-Realflow plugin, but I've got no experience with a detailed section of river with bubbles. (Foam and splashes are pretty good in my waterfall.) Alembic works pretty good for me, too. In fact, having a more direct (straightforward) way to generate Alembic files is one of the real advantages of these MAY/MAX plugins for Realflow. But, my experience here is limited to simple water fountains and that one waterfall.
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