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Melt metal question

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 9:54 pm
by Interlife
Hello Everyone,
this is my first post here and hope to find a solution.
So I am working on a shot where a metallic tunnel supposed to melt.
I managed to export this tunnel from 3ds max to realflow and used the fill object
emitter to create the tunnel as particles and apply some deamons
and achieve the desired result.
the problem is with shading this tunnel in 3ds max.
I need the tunnel to be shaded as metal (let's say aluminium)
and only the parts melting to be shaded some other shader( let's say Lava hot metal or so)
I have the following ideas:

I need to read the velocity of the mesh(I mean the underlying particle)
and make a map where white is represents speed max and black represent no speed
and use this map as transparency for the layered shader in max.
how can I do that ? (export the velocity map from realflow)
and how to apply the uv to the mesh so it is correct.
or even it is possible to use vertex color channel? and how..

thanks in advance for your responses.

Re: Melt metal question

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:03 am
by ChristianZ

maybe this is possible using the channels/vertexmapx in the renderkit-plugin?
Have a look at this documentation and examples: ... -+Channels

Another approach would be to let go the idea of one emitter for the entire tunnel structure and use particles only for the lava/molten part and keep the rest of the tunnel as solid structure.