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Realflow object sdk

Postby Andzelmas » Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:04 pm

I'm currently playing around with the realflow 2014 demo.
Mainly with the sdk.
I've been going through the various classes, while making some plugins and wanted to ask a few questions.
1. Is there a way to create, manipulate and add fields to the hybrido domain with daemons written in c++? Or is it only possible to do in the graphs? What kind of a workaround would there be? Just set channels of the hybrido domain particles?
2. Talking about channels: as i see it's impossible to create channels for the hybrido domain particles in c++ plugins? Or did i miss something
3. As i understand there are still no methods for the Object plugins? I was trying to write a geometry importer, but the only way to import animated geometry sequences would be through simulation (by writing a daemon). I'm talking about importing some in house proprietary geometry formats.
Thank you!

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