Hello Everyone.......Need help achieving this effect.....

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Hello Everyone.......Need help achieving this effect.....

Post by mannisg_123 » Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:05 pm

Hi to all forum members........i am an intermediate real flow user & completely new to forum....
i need some help to achieve a certain kind of fluid effect. For reference i left the video link below. pls have a look & let me know how can i achieve this effect. what kind of daemon should i use??.......i will really appreciate your help........thanks


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Re: Hello Everyone.......Need help achieving this effect....

Post by ChristianZ » Sun Sep 06, 2015 11:19 am


ok, it is not very well visible what is going on there. Should it represent some kind of lava lamp animation? Anyway, there is a little similarity to another project I did for the simulation of gas bubbles inside a liquid. For that purpose, I first made some more or less randomly drawn spline curves in my 3D software Cinema4D and attached spheres to the splines following the splines. In this way you can have precise control, where the emitters move later in RealFlow. Then I exported the animation of the spheres to RealFlow and attached (parent-to) spherical emitters and attractors to those splines. Now, I get trails of particles that round up to small bubbles from each of the spheres. I used an k-age daemon to let the particles disappear after some time. After that, we can add a mesh and add all the three emitters.
first step
second step
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Re: Hello Everyone.......Need help achieving this effect....

Post by mannisg_123 » Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:20 am

Hi Christianz...
thanks very much for ur reply....i really appreciate the time you spent for solving my issue.
Christianz have seen the videos you posted. But my objective is different. as you have already seen in my reference video the fluid was very well directed, controlled & cohesive. it was following a path but at the same it was transferring from one sphere to another. I have figured out later with someone's else help that it was probably done with D-spline & attractor force. so im on it & i think i can achieve something similar like this.
Thanks again Christianz for ur time & help........im grateful..... i hope i can annoy you again when im in trouble.....lol

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Re: Hello Everyone.......Need help achieving this effect....

Post by chrispan » Tue Sep 08, 2015 4:09 pm

so after watching the video 20 times I guess it seems simple for the 2 spheres.
It looks like it's done just with Gravity and an Attractor. The Gravity is pointing in the direction of the back. (Like you are looking from the top)
The left sphere has a opening on the right side and it seems there is an attractor with maybe an animated strength a bit outside over the right sphere, that's why it is dragged on the top and you can see while the fluid in the first sphere is directing into the right top direction.
And that the fluid on the right not sticks to the attractor, I think they used a filter daemon. After the particle enter a specific position in the right sphere, maybe the top, they got filtered in a container emitter and are no longer influenced by the attrator. And the circling around in the sphere just comes from the gravity dragging the fluid down, into the back.

The effects on the left side (bigger fluid stuff) look like some mix of noise and attractor maybe.


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