Hello everyone

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Hello everyone

Post by Elia1995 » Mon Jun 22, 2015 4:11 pm

Hi guys, I just found out about this forum by desperately searching for one on Google, since YouTube is of very little help for me (there aren't tutorials covering everything about RealFlow) and the documentation is way too detailed and complex.
I'd like to start up by introducing myself, my name's Elia and I'm an Italian film-maker, I love CGI animation and 3D modeling since I was a kid and since then I've always tried to attempt in learning by myself some 3D animation software, during these years I've used 3DS Max, Maya, until I discovered and decided to definitely stick with Cinema 4D.
I then discovered this amazing particles simulation software which is RealFlow and I really got into it, I've managed to learn the basics by myself and I can already make very basic and easy simulations, although there are a lot of features of which I have no clues yet and that I can't find tutorials about, such as wetdry maps (basically... stains and "wet feeling" on models) or IDOC features, which I see how they work, but then I have no idea how to "proceed on C4D".

Since I recently (in February) I got a brand new CPU, GPU and motherboard for my PC, I decided to get into CGI once again, I can finally simulate on RealFlow much quickier than before (still Hybrido simulations take more than 30 minutes though).

What else to say... I don't really know... see you, guys !!! :D


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