Blend shape between maya Mesh & Realflow Mesh

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Lucas Newton
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Blend shape between maya Mesh & Realflow Mesh

Postby Lucas Newton » Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:13 pm

i have 5 objects ( Gold jewellery) which have some displacement details and textured scratches etc..

these objects are supposed to melt into liquid gold and interact with each other as they slowly cover the entire screen...

so i am planning on animating the displacement & Texture first so that this all flattens out to nothing and is no longer an its just Geometry with a basic Coloured shader that starts to Glow a bit...

so then i have taken the basic Geometry into Realflow. and i have been finally getting some decent results however I cannot find any reference as to how to blend between the original Mesh in Maya and the exported Realflow triangular mesh that has been brought back into maya. its all in 1 single shot and i would like the effect to be as seamless as possible ie no intersections of the meshes with each other..

i am wondering if any body has ever seen this done before or has any ideas on how to conform 1 mesh to another?



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Re: Blend shape between maya Mesh & Realflow Mesh

Postby fkfx » Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:41 am

What are you trying to do exaclty? You exported the geometry to Realflow and waht did you do there?

Or maybe something like this might help you:

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